In January 2022, Ted Schultz, CEO of E Source, wrote “The Sustainable Utility: Data takes center stage.”

Not only did the article lay the foundation for this year’s E Source Forum – the annual efficiency-focused forum that aims to help utilities become more efficient and sustainable – Ted makes the case that data will be the key driver for utilities to achieve their sustainability goals.

As data was the major theme at the forum, it’s no wonder that Copper Labs’ expertise in providing real-time data and targeted customer engagement to utilities for smarter grid management drew quite the audience.

So how does real-time data empower the sustainable utility of the future? Here are our major takeaways from this year’s forum:

  • More and more, customer data is going to help shape the demand curve. Barring massive capital investments, there’s simply no more effective approach to achieving sustainable utilities than harnessing the power of real-time data. Accessing near real-time customer data, via an innovative platform such as Copper Labs’, gives utilities a powerful lens into usage patterns, which can then be influenced through targeted messaging when it matters most to the grid.
  • The better quality data you have, the better you will be able to service your customers. It’s not enough these days to only have access to data collected via drive-by meters every 30 days or even in 15-minute intervals from the day before from AMI. Near real-time, grid-edge data, like that which Copper Labs’ platform is able to capture, paints a much more accurate picture of customer usage and demand, allowing utilities to better target their messaging and make smarter decisions in managing the grid.
  • Customer segmentation is key. Different customers pile up different data and, as a result, require more specific engagement from their utilities. Utilities need to get to know their customers on a granular level – say by income level or business size, for example – so they can adjust their messaging and target communications effectively for energy savings and better grid management.

During E Source Forum 2022, Copper Labs shared news of its expanded product line, debuting a neighborhood-level solution in partnership with broadband providers that will reduce deployment costs, expedite time to value, and deliver real-time grid-edge intelligence at scale.

As Ted Schultz put it in his article, “the strategic use of data is now a must-have capability for every utility in search of increased customer engagement, infrastructure optimization, and sweeping cost reduction.”

The discussions at E Source Forum showed that Copper Labs’ solutions empower utilities with the real-time data they need to drive their transformation towards a sustainable future.