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Utility Dive – May 6, 2024
By taking a new approach to meter investments, utilities can unlock new value from consumption data while reducing risk and helping to keep rates low.
Latitude Media – April 23, 2024
The grid operator decided to keep the 80 megawatt cap on its groundbreaking ADER pilot and focus on collecting device-level data.
AESP Energy Intel – April 22, 2024
The Energy Transition is increasingly putting pressure on natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs) to rethink their gas distribution system investments. The focus on electrification in the energy transition necessitates transitional solutions for gas peak load mitigation. Gas demand response (DR) is an emerging strategy to help reduce the need for costly investments and offer resiliency benefits by helping avoid gas outages.

Huge electricity demand growth threatens US power grid

Energi Talks Podcast – April 11, 2024
Markham interviews Dan Forman of Copper Labs, an expert in energy usage and efficiency, as well as commercial and residential demand response.
United States Energy Association – April 1, 2024
Former FERC Commissioner Nora Mead Brownell answers questions from journalist Herman K. Trabish about the history of smart meter deployments, the illusory value of an AMI 2.0 deployment, and the customer savings and increased reliability and resilience power system operators can realize by turning instead to AMx.

Copper Labs shows how to get more from smart meters

IoT M2M Council – February 12, 2024
Colorado-based Copper Labs has introduced a framework to help utilities in North America get more out of their investments in smart meters.

Utilities have done a great job installing advanced meters. It’s time to put that data to use.

Utility Dive – February 5, 2024
With adoption of advanced meters now widespread, an AMx strategy can help utilities unlock significant new value from existing infrastructure investments.

Dan Forman, CEO and Co-Founder of Copper Labs: $13 Million Raised to Enable the Data-Driven Utility of the Future

Front Lines Media – January 5, 2024
This episode of the Category Visionaries podcast features Dan Foreman, CEO and Co-Founder of Copper Labs, an energy technology company that’s raised $13 Million in funding.

Can Residential Customers Help Boost Energy Reliability?

North American Clean Energy – November 15, 2023
Across the US, power outages are occurring more frequently and lasting longer. New kinds of utility demand response programs for residential customers could help.

In the fight against energy poverty, utilities should make the most of consumption data

Utility Dive – November 13, 2023
Energy insecurity has ramifications for health, safety and customer equity. In the near-term, multiple opportunities exist for utilities to increase transparency, improve bill predictability and provide personalized insights and support.

As grids struggle, is it time to revisit our approach to residential demand response?

Utility Dive – September 11, 2023
With a warming climate and an evolving energy system, energy grids are facing new challenges to reliability. A more dynamic and performance-based approach to load flexibility could help.

Copper Labs & Siemens conduct water scarcity experiment

Water Quality Products – August 15, 2023
Dan Forman, Copper Labs CEO, discusses a recent project Copper Labs conducted with Siemens, in which they experimented with a new town in a water-scarce region of Colorado called “Sterling Ranch.”

Copper Labs receives patent for outage detection for AMR meters

Smart Energy International – August 10, 2023
Technology provider Copper Labs has patented a technique for identifying outages from automated meter reading (AMR). The capability is intended to offer a low cost option for utilities that use drive-by AMR to detect and manage outages without the requirement for upgrade to an automated metering infrastructure (AMI).

Dan Forman of Copper Labs: Outsmarting Smart Metering

Municipal Water Leader – July 25, 2023
In the face of water shortages like the Colorado River crisis, water utilities need to be able to manage demand and help their customers conserve water. Copper Labs’ patented technology may be able to help.

To meet emerging clean heat targets, utilities need better gas consumption data

Utility Dive – June 26, 2023
High-resolution data can help gas and dual-fuel utilities improve decarbonization planning, expand efficiency efforts, and unlock non-pipes alternatives through gas load management.

Why real-time water meter data is essential for water planning, conservation, and climate adaptation

Future Water World Congress – May 30, 2023
As water utilities increasingly deal with the effects of climate change and overuse of water, they need better information and tools to improve system resiliency, resource availability, leak detection, and customer engagement around water conservation. Getting better, near real-time data from water meters is a critical first step to support all these goals.

Beyond thermostats: Why behavioral load management will be essential for successful energy decarbonization

Utility Dive – April 10, 2023
As the energy transition drives a need for greater load flexibility, behavioral strategies can be among the most scalable and equitable approaches to demand management.

NREL to test real-time utility meter data as resilience solution amid rising renewable energy adoption

Utility Dive – March 9, 2023
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will test the ability of real-time meter data to coordinate rapid energy restoration in remote communities in a $3 million partnership with Copper Labs, a Boulder, Colorado-based manufacturer of real-time meter data collection technology.

Copper Labs partners with NREL to advance community energy resiliency

Renewable Energy Magazine – March 8, 2023
Copper Labs, in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is participating in a $3 million grant from the DOE for their combined work on the Solar-Assisted, Stakeholder-Engaged, Autonomous Restoration with Data Orchestration Program (Solar-HERO).

A Promising Start: Pilot Study Tests Targeted Messaging’s Effect on Gas Consumption

American Gas Magazine – March 1, 2023
A pilot study by National Grid suggests that targeted energy conservation messaging may be effective at reducing energy consumption during severe weather.

Falling out of love with AMI: Why we need a new approach to smart metering

Utility Dive – February 13, 2023
Smart meters are failing to deliver promised benefits even after a decade of implementation. A new approach to collecting and using near-real-time meter data could help.

Could a real-time retrofit disrupt the metering market?

Global Water Intelligence – January 19, 2023
Armed with a signal processing technology that can extract real-time data from legacy meters, US start-up Copper Labs is hoping for a dramatic tech shake up in the smart water space.

This device can unlock electrical data from whole neighborhoods

Electrek – January 17, 2023
Copper Labs just launched a neighborhood-level detector that wirelessly unlocks data from utility meters at scale, without the need for retrofits. Consumers will be able to access that data in near real time so they can tailor their electricity use as they charge their EVs and increasingly electrify their homes in order to save money.

National Grid, Copper Labs Technology Piloting Ways to Reduce Natural Gas Demand in Extreme Weather

Natural Gas Intelligence – November 7, 2022
After first announcing a partnership last year, National Grid and Copper Labs said they had demonstrated how targeted messaging can help customers reduce energy consumption during extreme weather events such as the bomb cyclone that tore through the East Coast in January.

Grid-Edge Intelligence Creates Member Behavior Change and Operational Improvement

T&D World – May 18, 2022
Holy Cross Energy is focusing on acquiring renewable energy resources and facilitating the adoption of Distributed Energy Resources. The grid insight we wanted to see was near-real-time energy data from electric meters and grid-edge voltage data. But we needed faster data than AMI meter infrastructure could deliver.

Copper Labs sparks joy for utility companies by making their meters smarter

TechCrunch – March 15, 2022
Utility companies have a problem: Their “smart grids” were created to solve billing problems from a decade ago, not the needs and expectations from 2022 consumers with electric cars, solar panels and an obsession with real-time data. Copper Labs just raised $5.5 million to help them solve that problem, with an elegant little hardware device that serves as a bridge between the low-resolution smart meters and the consumer’s internet connection.

Copper Labs Integrates Wireless Energy Monitor into Samsung SmartThings

Residential Tech Today – November 17, 2021
Through SmartThings Energy, located within the SmartThings app, consumers can monitor and manage energy of connected appliances in real-time. The integration with Copper Labs’ technology contextualizes energy consumption data as it relates to the whole home and allows homeowners the ability to set automations based on time-of-use rates or demand response events by participating utilities.

Co-op Tech: ‘A Big Leap’ for Field Crews

Rural Electric Magazine – March 24, 2021
Access to real-time data is transforming co-op safety, reliability and response. Holy Cross Energy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is partnering with Copper Labs on a pilot project that uses real-time data collection from existing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to help consumer-members’ participation in—and understanding of—the co-op’s demand-response programs.