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Copper Labs empowers utilities and their customers with timely and actionable insights to meet evolving needs in a time of unprecedented change.

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Using Copper Labs, utilities see live load data and can send targeted messages to consumers when it matters most to the grid, based on energy demand, connected distributed energy resources (DERs) and more.

Case Study

Using Copper Labs’ load control and demand response solutions allow Xcel Energy to make better use of existing natural gas pipelines by helping flatten the load curve rather than building new pipelines for a few peaks per year.

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By leveraging existing meters and data backhaul networks, Copper Labs delivers a faster and more affordable path to a smarter grid. Our neighborhood-level monitoring solution delivers the data required for electric, gas, and water utilities to increase load flexibility and system resiliency, regardless of existing metering infrastructure.

Case Study

Copper Labs’ unique access to near-real-time gas usage data helps utilities shape the demand curve. Most gas utilities can only access meter data every 30 days and aren’t permitted to build new capacity. National Grid uses the Copper Labs’ platform to engage natural gas users in near-real-time.

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Grid-edge optimization

Copper Labs uses machine learning to interpret electric, gas and water meter data to create personalized, near-real-time recommendations for utility consumers. This active feedback loop shifts consumer behavior and accelerates efficiency program performance beyond what’s possible with lightbulb upgrades and smart thermostats.

Case Study

Through SmartThings Energy, consumers can monitor and manage energy of connected appliances in real-time. The integration with Copper Labs’ technology contextualizes energy consumption data as it relates to the whole home and allows homeowners the ability to set automations based on time-of-use rates or demand response events by participating utilities.

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Holy Cross Energy drives 2X energy reduction with Copper Labs

Colorado-based electric co-op Holy Cross Energy used Copper Labs’ near-real-time voltage data to integrate DERs while decarbonizing their grid, all while seeing a 2X energy reduction from their members who were using the Copper Labs app compared to members who weren’t. Read the case study to see how.
















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