Smart customer engagement for utilities

Copper enables targeted customer engagement for energy companies through advanced residential load disaggregation and behavioral energy efficiency software. Our programs help utilities improve CSAT scores and reduce the cost to serve energy at peak demand.

Behavioral demand response

Reach all customers or targeted customer segments to optimize customer experience, demand reduction and system needs. You’ll never miss a critical load, and we measure curtailment before, during and after events with revenue-grade meter data.

Real-time energy insights

Consumers can track energy usage in real time, receive personalized notifications when energy patterns change and learn how consumption choices will affect their energy bill — well before they get their bill.

Grid-edge data for the system

As solar, EVs and other distributed energy resources (DERs) proliferate, endpoint data within the home provides real-time voltage monitoring for operational efficiency, reliability and distribution planning.

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New White Paper

Building Real-Time Grid Intelligence

How utilities can engage consumers, manage demand, and optimize the grid with scalable, easy-to-implement Wireless Real-Time Energy Management

Future-proof your data

For utilities with drive-by AMR meters, Copper is the only solution that supports time-of-use pricing, midcycle high bill alerts and outage notification. Consistent, real-time data allows utility companies to reduce the cost to serve energy and deliver a modern experience to consumers without costly and time-intensive hardware upgrades.