Enabling the electric grid of the future

Electric utilities are in a period of unprecedented change. Whether you’re focused on decarbonization, equity, demand-side management, customer experience, or system operations, Copper Labs’ data-driven solutions will help you meet your goals, no matter what types of meters you have in the field.


Supercharge your decarbonization and DSM initiatives

Electric utilities need innovative new solutions to meet ever-expanding demand-side management (DSM) and decarbonization targets. Copper’s real-time data, customer engagement, and real-time carbon emissions data can open the door to behavioral load flexibility and efficiency, and to improved smart home device coordination. We’ve even partnered with Samsung SmartThings Energy to enable connectivity with a wide range of smart home devices and support customer choice. Even better, our high-interval data collection can support targeted marketing and outreach, identify electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and improve measurement and verification efforts.


Boost energy equity

Low- to moderate-income customers are often missed by “smart” energy management solutions due to high upfront costs and challenges with in-home Wi-Fi reliability—even though they’re the ones who stand to benefit the most from effective energy management. With Copper’s hardware, utilities can empower these customers by showing them how they currently use energy, offering relevant and tailored energy management suggestions, providing mid-cycle high bill alerts to help them proactively manage their utility bills and better plan budgets, and offering actionable education around time-of-use pricing or dynamic rates. And by combining proven behavioral load management strategies with real-time data that supports utility measurement and verification efforts, utilities can invite these customers to participate in demand response events and other DSM offerings even if they don’t have a smart thermostat or a working Wi-Fi network.

Deliver a top-tier customer experience

Customer experience is a core focus of modern utilities. Copper’s real-time data can bolster your efforts by offering customers unprecedented insights into how they’re using energy, what that means for their bill under time-of-use or dynamic pricing scenarios, and even how using energy at different times of the day affects their carbon emissions. Plus, Copper’s mobile app provides customized feedback to customers on how they can manage their bills, allows for personalized messaging from their utility, and can open the door to mid-cycle billing alerts so customers can understand if they’re on track for a high or low energy bill. And, for utilities, Copper’s data offers the opportunity to effectively segment customers based on criteria such as load size, whether they charge electric vehicles at home, or whether they use behind-the-meter solar generation.

Upgrade to a modern electric grid

Accessing real-time meter data is an essential part of grid modernization. Using the insights we unlock, utilities can manage outages with unparalleled granularity, develop better load forecasting, and implement large-scale conservation voltage reduction initiatives to save energy across your entire system. If you’re expecting load growth from rapid electrification, we can even add our solution to distribution transformers to help you see real-time loads and voltages to help maintain reliability. And by pairing Copper’s solution with lower-cost AMR metering infrastructure (that often provides higher-interval data than AMI), you can even shift capital expenditures to the things that matter most, from grid hardening and resiliency projects to broader implementation of distributed energy resources and innovative decarbonization technologies.








Holy Cross Energy Drives 2X Energy Reduction with Copper Labs

Colorado-based electric co-op Holy Cross Energy used Copper Labs’ near-real-time voltage data with its existing AMI meter network to integrate distributed energy resources while decarbonizing their grid, all while seeing a 2X energy reduction from their members who were using the Copper Labs app compared to members who weren’t. Read the case study to see how.


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