We collect meter data every 30 seconds, not 30 days

Copper Labs’ patented wireless technology uniquely accesses data from existing electric, gas, and water meters (including both AMR and AMI meters), unlocking a vendor-neutral metering future while adding new value immediately. Our solution is based on more than 20 years of experience in wireless standards and smart-grid technologies—there’s a good chance our team designed the radio in your current electric meters!

Unlock meter data for a single building or a whole service territory

Copper’s neighborhood-level detector can unlock near-real-time meter data quickly and at scale—at a fraction of the time and cost of new smart meter deployments—by accessing data wirelessly from hundreds of existing meters at once. No in-home equipment is needed, and the data can be made available to customers or utility staff immediately.

For targeted deployments or pilot programs (e.g. for measurement and verification of new efficiency measures), utilities can send customers a smart in-home detector that’s smaller than a pack of playing cards. Once customers plug it into an outlet and complete the simple set-up process in Copper’s mobile app, the hardware immediately captures data directly from their existing meters wirelessly without any infrastructure upgrades.

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Turn data into actionable insights

For utilities, Copper offers a user-friendly and visual web portal to view near-real-time meter data across your territory and send out customized messages to some or all of your customers anytime. You can also quickly implement behavioral load management events and easily employ strategies like randomized control trials to explore how well a new approach works. Copper’s granular, high-interval data can be shared with anyone in the utility enterprise, avoiding latency challenges common with even the most advanced smart meters.

For your customers, Copper offers a mobile app that shows both historical and near-real-time energy or water use, and provides specific insights on how to better manage consumption. They can also receive timely and personalized messaging through the app directly from their utility, providing a positive customer experience that boosts engagement.

A security-first approach

Copper prioritizes data privacy and security. We have a robust privacy and information security framework that includes administrative, physical and technical safeguards, and we regularly subject our software, hardware, and network to penetration testing to ensure that the data we collect is only shared with those with permission to use it.

Get empowered with better data

Real-time intelligence solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities.