Demonstration console of Copper Labs utility technology.

Oracle’s utility blog recently posted a discussion with Copper Labs about putting real-time data to work for utilities, as well as the two organizations’ collaboration at the Oracle’s recently opened Industries Innovation Lab.

The post features a brief written dialogue between Burcin Kaplanoglu, Vice President, Oracle Industry Innovation Labs and Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs.

Together, they discuss the following:

  • The need and opportunity for utilities to leverage real-time data to manage demand and support a clean energy future today.
  • Energy industry and consumer trends related to influential events like the pandemic and major regional blackouts.
  • What to expect from Copper Labs at the Oracle Industries Innovation Lab

Dan said, “We see Oracle Utilities Opower as a key collaborator in the market. Opower does incredible things with data and engages millions of people every day. Real-time data from our platform can further feed all the programs Opower runs for leading utilities – together we can drive more value for those utilities and their customers.”

You can read the post here.