On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, at 1 pm ET, Copper Labs’ CEO Dan Forman will speak at the 2022 AESP Summer Conference, joining a panel titled “Addressing grid resilience, DERs and equity through enhanced distribution planning methods.”

Speaking alongside panelists from the DOE, the Orlando Utilities Commission and Cadeo, Dan will focus on why real-time grid-edge intelligence is required to manage an increasingly distributed and decarbonized grid. Here’s a sneak peek of what he’ll cover.

We’re not prepared for the changes coming to the grid

An increasingly decentralized and decarbonized grid, driven by record numbers of new DERs, requires real-time grid-edge intelligence. Utilities under pressure to integrate a growing mix of DERs – be it grid-scale, intermittent renewables, or consumer-sited DERs like electric vehicle charging – need to be able to see what supply and demand look like in real-time. Failing to align the two results in more instability and outages and slows down efforts to decarbonize the grid.

Yet even the smartest of so-called ‘smart grids’ only deliver yesterday’s data in 15-minute intervals. And utilities with drive-by meters can only see what happened on the grid the previous month.

Dan will explain how Copper’s solutions uniquely unlock behind-the-meter usage data and enable utilities to create a data-driven channel to engage targeted consumers in the moments that matter most to the grid.

The lack of real-time data is a challenge for ALL utilities, including gas and water, not just electricity

When it comes to electricity, policymakers, utilities, and concerned stakeholders have made significant progress in planning, implementing and monitoring demand management programs that encourage consumers to adjust their power usage in line with grid requirements. However, the same can’t be said for gas or water conservation efforts.

As severe weather events occur more frequently globally, all utility archetypes must manage demand to limit outages while increasing resource availability to consumers. Yet, most gas and water utilities are forced to rely on limited, incomplete, and historical data from drive-by AMR infrastructure to inform their demand response program design or future infrastructure planning.

Dan will elaborate on why electric, gas and water utilities need personalized and targeted customer engagement for smarter grid management and how this can be achieved using Copper’s solutions.

Building a resilient grid, regardless of existing metering infrastructure

Copper Labs enables utilities to earn customer trust and manage a decarbonized, decentralized grid without the need for extensive infrastructure overhauls. 

Dan will share how three customers are using Copper Labs’ real-time data to gain insights smarter than any smart grid can deliver:

  1. Tier one utility: Xcel Energy supports grid stability through real-time demand management

Copper Labs’ platform enables Xcel Energy to overcome the limitations of its drive-by meter infrastructure and gain access to near real-time usage data. 

The IOU uses personalized recommendations and improved customer engagement informed by Copper Labs’ utility portal to reduce peak loads during hot summer days.

  1.  Innovative co-op utility: Holy Cross Energy balances DERs at scale

A fully deployed smart grid utility, Holy Cross Energy (HCE), realized that yesterday’s 15-minute interval data wasn’t good enough to affect meaningful behavior change and understand the impact of DERs on grid stability. 

Now, the co-op uses Copper Labs’ near real-time data (HCE) to send personalized feedback to its members and achieved a 2x reduction in peak loads as a result

In addition, HCE uses Copper Labs’ real-time voltage data at the outlet to integrate DER power in their grid and plan for grid resiliency as they embark on their journey to phase out fossil fuels by 2030. 

  1. Leading gas utility: Shaping the gas demand curve without smart meters

Before using Copper Labs, this leading gas utility was in the same position as most of its peers: only able to access drive-by meter data every 30 days. 

But now, the utility uses the Copper Labs platform to engage natural gas customers in real-time demand management, accessing data every 30 seconds. The utility saw a 3x peak load reduction during a severe weather event compared to a control group. 

Meet Copper at AESP Summer Con

Dan’s panel is at 1 pm ET on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, and we’d love to see you there. Drop us a note if you’re going, and we can meet for a chat.  

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