On Wednesday, August 5, alongside Xcel Energy and the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, Copper Labs explained the deployment of and use cases for wireless real-time energy monitoring in Guidehouse’s webinar “Managing Energy and Water Demand with Real-Time Grid Intelligence and Customer Engagement.” The program provides residents of the Sterling Ranch smart community with real-time energy and water usage insights and anonymized community comparisons to encourage energy and water conservation during peak times. The webinar was moderated by Pritil Gunjan, principal research analyst for Guidehouse Insights, and included panelists Denise Hogenes, general manager of the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, Ryan Austin, product developer, Xcel Energy, and Eric Van Orden, our director of sales and business development.

Outlining the changes the energy industry is facing, the webinar detailed how the increase in available renewables and distributed energy resources (DER), especially in residential settings, makes understanding when and where energy is used increasingly important. Luckily, there are many cutting-edge technologies that help utilities do just that. Copper Labs’ wireless real-time energy monitoring and customer engagement solutions in place at Sterling Ranch are one such example, Hogenes explained. Sterling Ranch’s goal is to be a smart community focused on sustainability as they grow. As Sterling Ranch’s electric and natural gas utility, Xcel Energy is working with Copper Labs to utilize real-time energy data in the area of targeted behavioral demand response (BDR) at Sterling Ranch. At the same time, the community is using Copper Labs’ technology to deliver real-time water usage data and two different pricing structures (indoor/outdoor) to reduce the impact on drought conditions.

Learn more about this webinar from our previous blog “Guidehouse Webinar: Managing Energy and Water Demand With Real-Time Grid Intelligence and Customer Engagement.” If you’d like to learn more about this case study and how WREM has been implemented to benefit utilities, customers and the grid, you can read more from our white paper, “Building Real-Time Grid Intelligence.” Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here.