On the latest Siemens Connect Ecosystem Series, our CEO Dan Forman joined host Christine Moran to explain how Copper Labs’ unique real-time data collection can help utilities and consumers make more informed energy management decisions. Here is a summary of their discussion.

How Real-Time Data Helps Utilities Navigate the Complex Energy Space

Everyone knows energy is a complicated space. Part of Copper’s mission is to be a catalyst for the clean energy future by providing a meaningful, substantial, and seamless integration into an otherwise complicated technological landscape. As part of that effort, we operate as a data connector between utilities and consumers by delivering real-time reliable, accurate, and efficient data access capabilities.

On the podcast, Dan explains how Copper’s grid edge intelligence helps utilities take control of energy and water demand by engaging consumers with real time meter data, with or without smart meters.

“We stream real time data into a mobile application for the consumer that shows how their consumption choices across electric, gas, and water meters affect their bill and when might be a good time to charge an electric vehicle, for example. So for utilities, that’s an important new piece of grid edge intelligence that allows them to understand what usage looks like to better integrate intermittent renewable energy resources, and better understand the unpredictable demand that comes with consumer sited DERs – like electric vehicle chargers that are putting a whole lot of new challenges onto the grid.”

Dan Forman, CEO at Copper Labs

To create a more resilient grid, utilities need to see what demand looks like in real time to fully understand the functionality of the DERs contained in their systems.

“With a geographical display of live load data across a variety of meter types, and the ability to send messages to targeted consumers, utilities can take control of demand and stabilize the grid while integrating an increasing mix of distributed energy resources.”

Christine Moran, OT Ecosystem Product Manager at Siemens

Sterling Ranch Smart City Project

In the podcast, Christine and Dan also discuss Sterling Ranch, a successful resource-conscious, smart community project Copper Labs had the opportunity to partner with Siemens on. Together, we deployed state-of-the-art technology to effectively monitor real time electric loads, rooftop solar production, natural gas usage, and even indoor and outdoor water usage – giving residents real-time data that allows them to easily conserve water and energy.

“Just like utilities ask consumers to shift high electric loads during peak hours, they can use this platform at Sterling ranch to shift discretionary loads, such as watering your lawn in the middle of August when we’re in the middle of the drought. So what that enables is water based demand response. It’s a very innovative solution.”

Dan Forman, CEO of Copper Labs

With real-time data, utilities can build a stronger connection with their customers on both sides of the meter, creating opportunities to personalize and improve customer experiences and maintain grid resilience.

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