Are you looking to learn more about Copper Labs and our wireless, real-time energy management solutions? We’ll be speaking and exhibiting at the following events this month. If you’re attending, please come by and say hello:

  • Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange, September 21 – 24: Eric Van Orden will be presenting “Timing is Everything: Engaging Customers, Reducing Peak, and Managing Batteries When it Matters Most” virtually with Eileen Wysocki of Holy Cross Energy and Ted James of Camus Energy. View the program webpage here. 
    • Abstract: “As the deployment of clean energy and distributed energy resources continue to grow and beneficial electrification gains momentum, the time and location in which energy is used are increasingly important. This presentation, with Holy Cross Energy, Copper Labs, and Camus Energy will share preliminary findings from enhancing an existing peak reduction program (Peak Time Payback) with real-time usage data and customer engagement, as well as exploration of leveraging managed batteries (Power+) and real-time voltage information (Copper) to reduce load and balance the grid.”
  • E Source Forum 2021, September 28 – October 1: Copper Labs is a sponsor of this event and will be presenting “Boosting innovation at gas utilities” with Michael Hartnack, Senior Solution Director Sales & Engagement at E Source, Ryan Kerr, Senior Manager Emerging Technologies GTI and Brysen Daughton Analyst Market Transformation at Resource Innovations. Read our Top 3 Takeaways from the Forum here.
    • Abstract: “Portfolio savings are becoming harder for gas utilities to achieve, but with carbon-reduction legislation, resiliency, and gas infrastructure costs top of mind for many stakeholders, there has never been a more critical time for gas demand-side management. In this session, we sit down with the experts to discuss the cutting-edge pilots, programs, and infrastructure investments gas utilities need to pursue to enable a low-carbon future.”
  • EPRI Incubatenergy Labs – Demo Day, October 19 – 20: Xcel Energy and Copper Labs will share lessons learned and future plans for “Wireless Real-time Energy Management” after a summer of collaboration with EPRI and more than a dozen partner utilities, from 1:15 – 1:35 pm on Wednesday, October 20.
    • Abstract: “The Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Incubatenergy Labs program selected Copper Labs as one of 20 startup companies that conducted accelerated demonstrations of the 2021 Cohort. In particular, Copper worked with PGE and Xcel Energy to demonstrate the scalable technology and use cases for delivering real-time energy data and actionable insights that manage peak demand and accelerate energy efficiency, with or without smart meters.” Watch the 3-minute project introduction video here. 
  • Peak Load Management Alliance, November 8 – 10: Eric Van Orden will be presenting “Managing Energy Demand With Real-Time Grid Intelligence and Customer Engagement” virtually with Pritil Gunjan, Principal Research Analyst at Guidehouse and Ryan Austin, Research & SB Product Developer at Xcel Energy. Watch the on-demand presentation here. 
    • Abstract: “As DERs proliferate, the time and location in which energy is used are increasingly important. Join us to learn about behavioral DR (BDR) in the CO-based smart community Sterling Ranch. The presenters will provide use cases for Wireless Real-time Energy Management (WREM), live real-time energy usage data, plus the program design for two BDR programs, both with and without real-time data.”

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