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New paper outlines how real-time grid intelligence empowers utilities and their customers to manage peak demand and accelerate energy efficiency (Download here)

BOULDER, Colo. — (March 22, 2021) — Copper Labs, a Boulder-based company offering patent-pending wireless real-time energy management (WREM) solutions, today announced the release of “Building Real-Time Grid Intelligence,” a new white paper prepared by Guidehouse Insights. The white paper examines how WREM solutions provide a low-cost, easy-to-deploy and effective mechanism for achieving meaningful grid impact when and where it matters most.

With utility program managers working to develop the next generation of residential demand-side management programming, the new paper identifies the features of WREM solutions which are inherent in its name:

  • Wireless solutions access revenue-grade meter data, without the need for an electrician, using existing broadband networks for low cost and extensive accessibility.
  • Real-time energy and voltage data at sub-minute intervals is delivered immediately to utilities and their customers for relevant insights.
  • Energy management allows both utilities and their customers to align the balance of energy supply and demand, including locational targeting for the distribution grid.

“Grid-edge intelligence results in more meaningful grid impacts, a reduction in the cost to serve energy, and the ability to maximize the use of variable renewables,” said Dan Forman, chief executive officer of Copper Labs. “The WREM marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds, especially as more utilities adopt real-time capabilities to handle extraordinary surges in demand due to extreme weather events, such as what we saw in Texas.”

Guidehouse Insights is a market intelligence team that provides emerging technology research, data, and benchmarking services for today’s rapidly changing and highly regulated industries. According to its 2019 Home Energy Management Overview report, WREM solutions are part of the growing home energy management market, which is forecast to earn nearly $3 billion in revenue in North America in 2021. A primary driver of this growth is adoption of smart meters, which has been on the rise across all utilities.

“Wireless real-time energy management provides grid operators with the tools necessary to manage peak demand, optimize a growing number of DER and provide frictionless customer engagement,” said Brett Feldman, research director at Guidehouse Insights. “Utilities have invested significantly in updated smart meter infrastructure, and forward-thinking program managers are already leveraging WREM solutions to combat the challenges of an evolving grid.”

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About Copper Labs
Copper Labs is on a mission to create a more sustainable energy future by helping utilities take control of energy demand when it matters most to the grid. Copper, the company’s flagship wireless energy monitor, delivers real-time grid-edge intelligence and electric, gas and water usage data, with or without smart meters. These innovative new capabilities empower utilities and ecosystem partners to engage targeted consumers and help manage energy demand, stabilize the grid and reduce the cost to serve energy. For more information, visit

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