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Wireless meter data

Effective demand management requires real-time energy data. Copper connects wirelessly to electric, gas and water meters to deliver high-resolution data, including sub-minute intervals on legacy meters.

Copper also creates a new channel to engage customers with actionable energy insights so utilities can shape the demand curve when it matters most.

Targeted demand response

From rooftop solar to electric vehicle chargers the grid is changing fast. Copper creates new visibility into what’s happening behind the meter so utilities can manage peak demand.

Copper is the only solution that supports time of use pricing without replacing legacy meters, and for utilities that have already transitioned to smart meters, Copper delivers real-time energy data without the typical delay.

Behavioral energy efficiency that works

Move beyond upgrading lightbulbs and appliances. Real-time feedback has been proven to increase energy savings, and Copper enables this in both the hardware and software. Copper measures actual user engagement and delivers the revenue-grade meter data utilities need to support reporting to regulators.

Real-time, revenue-grade meter data

Give energy a voice

Utility customer engagement and real-time demand management