Energy technology built for today and tomorrow

Copper’s patent-pending energy demand management platform connects wirelessly to electric, gas and water meters to deliver high-resolution data, including sub-minute intervals. Each Copper device is built with capabilities to support both smart AMI and drive-by AMR meters, without the need to replace the device if meters are upgraded. This enables the development of advanced customer engagement and demand management programs, no matter the state of the grid edge of the utilities.

Wireless meter data, no electrician needed

Our data is collected wirelessly and in real time, instead of the 15-minute interval and one-day delay with smart meters and 30-day delay with drive-by meters. The data is then delivered to the consumer’s mobile app and the utility’s demand management and customer engagement web portal.

Easy setup for consumers

On the consumer’s end, setup is as simple as taking a photo of their meter and entering their WiFi password. From there, Copper uses machine learning to read meter data and develop a unique energy profile for consumers within a few days. Explore Copper’s app to learn more about real-time energy monitoring and the personalized insights it delivers.

Built for utility programs and operations

Copper’s Utility portal geographically displays live load data with the ability to target messages to consumers based on energy demand, connected distributed energy resources (DERs) and more when it matters most to the grid. With real-time data and randomized control trials, demand reduction results are quickly understood and further savings can be gained from the social norming built into Copper’s mobile app.

Data-driven energy efficiency

Copper’s technology uses machine learning to interpret electric, gas and water meter data and create personalized recommendations for energy utility consumers. This active feedback loop shifts consumer behavior and accelerates efficiency program performance beyond what’s possible with lightbulb upgrades and smart thermostats. And we’ll help you measure program impact along the way with revenue-grade meter data.