Targeted customer engagement for utilities

Copper enables targeted customer engagement for energy companies through advanced residential load disaggregation and behavioral energy efficiency software. Our programs help utilities improve CSAT scores and reduce the cost to serve energy at peak demand.

Real-time residential energy demand management

Our data is collected in real-time, instead of the 15-minute interval with smart meters and 30-day delay with drive-by meters. This highly responsive residential energy monitoring solution has the ability to advance smart grid demand management far beyond what current technology is capable of. You’ll never miss a critical load, and we measure curtailment before, during and after events.

Copper’s technology uses machine learning to interpret electric, gas and water meter data and create personalized recommendations for energy utility customers. This active feedback loop shifts energy consumer behavior and accelerates efficiency program performance beyond what’s possible with lightbulb upgrades and smart thermostats. And we’ll help you measure program impact along the way with revenue-grade meter data.

Data-driven energy efficiency