Real-time visibility, no strings attached

Once Copper’s home energy monitor is plugged in, it wirelessly learns to read the consumer’s meter overnight.

Smart engagement

Consumers can track energy usage in real-time, receive notifications when energy patterns change and learn how consumption choices will affect their energy bills.

Future-proof your data

Copper is the only solution that supports time-of-use pricing without replacing older AMR meters. Consistent, real-time data allows utility companies to reduce the cost to serve energy and deliver a modern experience to customers without costly and time-consuming hardware upgrades.

Easy setup for consumers

Copper’s app uses Bluetooth to connect with the energy monitoring device, and Wi-Fi to share energy usage data to the cloud. On the customer’s end, setup is as simple as taking a photo of their meter and entering their Wi-Fi password. From there, Copper uses machine learning to read meter data and develop a unique energy profile for the customer within a few days.

Explore Copper’s app to learn more about real-time energy monitoring with smart meters and connected devices.