How Do You Prepare for the Cold Winter? Check the Weather Channel, Ask a Groundhog or Access Wireless Real-Time Energy Usage Data?

How can monitoring natural gas usage help us understand energy consumption while remaining comfortable throughout the cold winter? With real-time natural gas usage data, utilities can engage consumers with actionable insights that manage peak demand and accelerate energy efficiency.

Top 5 Energy Trends to Look for in 2021

From temporary closures of coal-fired plants to dramatic reductions in travel, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced this year. In 2020, for the first time, we truly saw the effectiveness of systems-level change, which has helped us underscore the need to think — and act — big in 2021. Discover our team of experts’ top 5 energy trends for 2021.

What We’re Reading: 5 Essential Reports About Demand Response and COVID-19 Energy Usage Data

As 2020 winds down, this year has taught us all about the importance of innovation and adapting to new information so we can plan for what’s next. This post highlights lessons learned from recent industry reports and details what we can do with this new information in order to propel the industry forward.

The Future of Smart Home Energy Management Today

The future of smart home energy management is now. Discover how advanced technologies can deliver personalized notifications and automate connected device energy demand based on real-time data, helping achieve simplicity while continuing to deliver on the lofty goals of providing safe, reliable, affordable and increasingly clean energy.

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Back to School Top 5 Favorite Reports

With back to school season in full swing, we — in the spirit of continuous learning — have compiled five of our favorite energy reports. From qualitative and quantitative perspectives on the evolving world of technology to policy and customer interests when it comes to delivering power to homes and businesses, there’s always a lot to learn.