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Copper Labs wirelessly collects near-real-time data from electric, gas, and water meters without extensive infrastructure overhauls. We empower utilities and their customers with timely and actionable insights to meet evolving needs in a time of unprecedented change.

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Enabling the data-driven utility of the future

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High-resolution meter data is key to enabling electric, gas, and water utilities to effectively support a data-driven transition to a low-carbon economy, increase resilience in the face of a changing climate, improve equity, manage demand, and deliver an excellent customer experience. We can help you get better data from your existing meters immediately (regardless of what types of meters you use), and our insightful utility portal and engaging customer-facing mobile app make it easy for you to put that data to work.


Do more with your existing meters

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Engage consumers

Deliver real-time energy and water recommendations in the moments that matter most.

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See beyond the meter

Get unparalleled actionable insights with real-time meter data, voltage, and disaggregation tools.

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Modernize faster

Evolve with your customers towards a more decarbonized, decentralized, and equitable utility system.

Smarter than the most advanced smart meters

Utilities can spend years deploying the latest smart meters across their service territories only to find that the network and internal processes create hours- to weeks-long latencies between the time the meter data is collected and when it can actually be used and shared. Copper’s wireless detectors provide more frequent, better quality data than either smart (AMI) or drive-by (AMR) meters can alone, with actionable insights that educate and empower utilities and their customers in real-time.



Holy Cross Energy drives 2X energy reduction with Copper Labs

Colorado-based electric co-op Holy Cross Energy used Copper Labs’ near-real-time voltage data to integrate DERs while decarbonizing their grid, all while seeing a 2X energy reduction from their members who were using the Copper Labs app compared to members who weren’t. Read the case study to see how.



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Get empowered with better data

Real-time intelligence solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities.




Use your powers for good

Are you passionate about our shared energy future? Working for Copper Labs means being part of an organization of changemakers with a shared vision of advancing a sustainable future.

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